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3 Line Message Custom LED Sign

3 Line Message Custom LED Sign
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Sign Size: 17"H x 32"W x 1"D


This LED " Message" sign has a unique look, and it is made with high quality components. The rectangular backing is black ABS plastic, and it measures 17"H x 32"L x 1"D. This sign has 3 lines of text, each can fit up to 14 letters. The per-letter cost is $7. This sign is used in a variety of home and business areas. LED signs are less fragile, are easier to maintain, and use less energy as compared to a neon sign of similar size.
Brand: Neonex
Product Code:26082-nx
Price: $298.99$229.99 ( plus $7 per custom letter )
Price with options:
Line 1
* Text:
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* Font:
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Line 3
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This LED 3 Line Message sign is a great fit for your small business. Your 3 Line Message Custom Rectangular LED Sign will display brightly and attract both walk-by and drive by traffic, and is clearly visible in daylight. These signs are also energy-efficient, using 80 to 90 percent less power than a neon sign of similar size and design.


dimensions 17" high X 32" wide X 1" deep, rectangle shape
material black ABS backing
power supply UL Listed, 110V Power Supply. 12 Volt DC output with 5.5mm/2.1mm barrel connector. Pullchain Switch For On/Off. 5 foot power cord.

Shipping Info

Note: We only ship within the continental U.S. We do not ship to AK, HI, Canada, or anywhere other than the lower 48 US States.

This sign ships out from Los Angeles, CA, between 2 and 6 business day(s) after your order, via UPS Ground.

Please enter your information below for a full shipping estimate, including both build/processing and shipment time

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Shipping Damage Guarantee

This sign is manufactured by Neonex®. All Neonex signs are well packaged, with the sign first enveloped in styrofoam, then wrapped within an outer box. The occurance of shipping damage is very low. In the rare event that shipping damage does occur, we will repair the sign at no cost..we even cover the shipping. You must, however, report any shipping damage to us within 4 business days of shipment arrival.

Letter Height

Total Sign Height: 17 inches
(move sliders to measure letter height)


  1. Drag the top green slider widget, moving the green line to the top of the line of text on the sign you want to measure.
  2. Drag the bottom, red slider widget, moving the red line to the bottom of that line of text.
  3. The height of the letters, and some distance viewing information, for that line of text, will show above the picture.
Note: Make sure you are measuring just a specific row of letters. Measuring something the whole height of the sign, will yield incorrect results.
Measurements are approximate.

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